Product Information


The KeyCuff is manufactured from a high-impact, high-tensile strength engineered polymer. In addition to its strength, this restraint is also lightweight, allowing easy concealment with the capability to carry many at a time. Applied in a normal manner, the Key-Cuff is easily adjusted once in place. For easy removal, simply use a standard handcuff key. NO DANGEROUS CUTTING TOOL IS NEEDED!


Double KeyCuff

Double KeyCuff the first reusable double nylon restraint for Law Enforcement has been used all over the world by professionals since 1996 in Kosovo , Iraq , Afghanistan and many other hot spots.
Double KeyCuff consists of two KeyCuff straps attached with a special connector we call Kuff Konnector . Double KeyCuff releases with a standard handcuff key. The newly designed connector has three holes in it to allow the officer maximum flexibility and ease of use. You can put a third KeyCuff through the middle hole to better control a prisoner or use some other device. You can tie him to a car bumper or other such device to make sure he does not run away, or use it to tie down the prisoner in a vehicle while transporting him. It has many potential uses! Because they are all plastic you can use double KeyCuff in water situations, like showers or marine operations, because they will not rust.


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